Vehicle Inspection

17-Point Inspection and State Inspection

Changing your vehicle's oil per your manufacturer's recommendations is the most important preventative maintenance service you can have performed on your car. Regular oil changes help ensure that your vehicle is performing well by extending the life of your engine. Our standard oil change is quick, and convenient, and includes a 17-point service checklist (on most vehicles).

State Inspection

HB 2305 was passed during the 83rd legislative session. This bill eliminated the inspection sticker resulting in a single-sticker system and makes vehicle registration dependent on obtaining a passing vehicle inspection.

The inspection station will check the same elements that are currently inspected. However, you will receive a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) in lieu of an inspection sticker.

On March 1, 2015, vehicle inspection stations will no longer collect the state’s portion of the inspection fee. At the time of inspection, you will pay only the inspection station’s portion of the fee. The state’s portion of the inspection fee will be collected at the time of registration or renewal.

If your vehicle is registered in Collin, Denton, Dallas or Tarrant Counties, it must pass an emissions inspection test in conjunction with your annual vehicle safety inspection.

All inspections require proof of current insurance on the vehicle being inspected. Payment required by law pass or fail.

For more information on the new state law visit

Emission (OBD)


for vehicles model year 2 years or older
  • A full OBD inspection gets Free Express Wash

Motorcycle / Trailer Safety Inspection


17-Point Inspection

The 17-point inspection at Auto Splish Splash car wash & oil change in Frisco, TX involves checking the tire's tread depth, wear patterns, and tire pressure. The inspection also checks to ensure the vehicle systems have proper fluid levels and are not contaminated. The braking system, suspension, exhaust, battery, filters, headlights and bulbs, and belts are also inspected.

  • Check air filter

  • Check fan belts and hoses

  • Visual check for fluid leaks

  • Check differential fluid level

  • Visual Check Brake Jobs

  • Visual Check Shocks & Struts

  • Visual inspection of brake/clutch fluid level

  • Check power steering fluid level

  • Check windshield wipers

  • Check Air Conditioning Filter

  • Limited warranty & satisfaction guarantee

  • Check and set tire pressure

  • Check and fill windshield washer fluid

  • Check radiator reservoir

  • Check battery and terminals

  • Check transmission/transaxle fluid level

  • Manager Quality Check

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